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Black November Soundtrack, Joel Goffin


Black November Soundtrack, Joel Goffin



Love Addict, Movie, Directed by Charis Orchard, Music By, Joel Goffin, LA Comdey FestivalCotton, Movie,  Winner Best Film HRIFF, Music by Joel Goffin

Love Addict (2015)

Owen Maxwell loved his life. He was a successful divorce attorney and had an "active" social life. Among his friends he was the king of seduction. His special gimmick? Following hot young women outside of a bar/restaurant/party and sharing a cigarette. Worked like a charm. In fact, sometimes it worked too well. Owen increasingly found himself waking up next a woman that he either couldn't remember or that we wished he could forget. It was time to quit. Of course, quitting cold turkey is way too difficult. And the Patch? Forget about it. Hypnotherapy seemed the lazy man's way to go. He thought it was the perfect idea – that is until his hypnotherapist turned out to be a former lover who was, let's just say, not Owen's biggest fan.

Owen's craving for cigarettes did not go away, however. He assumed the hypnotherapy was a failure. Until one night when he's in a … ahem… compromising position with a young lady and gets sick. Not a pretty sight. He has no idea what's wrong with him. Things are not helped by his current client Eileen, a smart, sexy and independent woman who sees right through his charms. Eileen, a therapist who runs a rehab center for addicts, understands that the hypnotherapist must have "cured" Owen's addiction to sex instead of his addictions to cigarettes! Owen thinks she's crazy. But the symptoms get worse; he decides to check himself into rehab. Eileen grudgingly agrees to help him through his detox while they try to undo the hypnotherapy. Owen goes through all the stages of detox – first, he starts to notice how much women use sex appeal in daily life to get what they want. He becomes a righteous woman-hater.

As he realizes his own need to eat healthy, exercise, and dress nicely, was motivated by appealing to the opposite sex he starts to let himself go. I mean, really let himself go. But Owen's condition is worse than he imagined. Why did he pick his profession? What does he really have in common with his friends? Other than the pursuit of women? And worse still, who is he and what does he even like? Owen realizes that all of his choices have been, on some level, motivated by the desire for women. So now what? Eileen helps Owen figure out who he is. And just when he's to a point where he's happy and doesn't need women anymore, Eileen tells him she's in love with him.
Now what? Does Owen keep forging ahead with the women-free life he has created?
Or does he go for Eileen?

Romantic Comedy | read imdb

Black November (2015)

Inspired by true events, an oil-rich Nigerian community wages war against an oil corporation to protect their land from being destroyed. Rebels kidnap an American oil executive and demand that his corporation end the destruction.

Drama | read imdb

Cotton (2014)

A reluctant faith healer tries to escape his darkened past until his predatory evangelist mother tracks him down, stopping at nothing to get her son and his miraculous gifts back on the revival circuit.

DRAMA |. | read imdb